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6 & 20

Reminisce the embrace of those who have said goodbye.
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When those we love say goodbye, all that remains are the memories cherished together. Memories that are enhanced by an embrace that will never be lived again. An embrace that might not exist once again but that lives forever on our hearts, our minds and our skin.
6&20 Sneakers moood.jpg
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embrace through layers

Through layering, 6&20 represent the overlapping of arms and skin through an embrace charged of emotion. Overlapping vegtan pieces connect the facing all the way up to the midsole as well as adding volume and dimension to the piece.

close  upp3.jpg

EMBRACE through color

The color way was guided by tints with warm undertones to evoke the warmness that an embrace carries and softly leaves behind after it's over.

6&20 Sneakers specs.png

Dedicated to Berenice De La Rosa.