curious dsgnr.



"Designing is composing a song with its high and low notes, a bridge and a chorus that takes you and its target listener on an experience that has the right note for you before, during and after listening to the song. No one asks for the note that follows the next second because it already knows what the ears need to listen to next." - Esme, IDSA SDDC 2018

Originally from the Dominican Republic, Esmerly SiSegura is a recent graduate from the Savannah College of Art and Design with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Industrial Design and a minor in Footwear and Accessory Design. Combined with a dsgn education at SCAD, professional collaborative experiences with BMW Group Technology Office and HEINEKEN USA and internships at Kohler Co., Banana Republic and Ancestry, her concepts have evolved into songs composed by her ever-changing, fluctuating dsgn process just like an album.



Induro Exhibition at Global Grad Show, Dubai Design Week, Dubai, UAE. November, 2018
SCADFASH Weekend Runway and Static Show, Custom Heels for M2L2, Savannah, GA.          May, 2018
Bronze IDA International Design Awards for 5 1 5 Collection, Los Angeles, CA.                         May, 2018
Sketchbook Exhibition, Sketch X, Savannah, GA.                                                                            May, 2018
Time Footwear, URLegacy Static Runway Show, Savannah, GA.                                                   May, 2018
Silver European Product Design Awards for Swirl and Induro, Los Angeles, CA.                        April, 2018
IDSA Student Merit Award Finalist, IDSA, Raleigh, NC.                                                                March, 2017
Trop Noir and Aïbes Handbags, URLegacy Static Runway Show, Savannah, GA.                        April, 2017
Induro Athletic Gear, Gulfstream Gallery, Savannah, GA.                                                           March, 2017
Board of Visitors Scholarship, SCAD, Savannah, GA.                                                                    June, 2016
Port City Review Consecutive Publication, SCAD, Savannah, GA.                                               2016-2017
Foundations Honors Show, SCAD, Savannah, GA.                                                                                  2015
Restaurant Evaluation, SCAD Writing Center, SCAD, Savannah, GA.                                                     2015
Achievement Honors Scholarship, SCAD, Savannah, GA.                                                                      2014
Class Valedictorian Award, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.                                                       2014